Pre-Packed Fractal Fine Art Posters


Here are two fractal posters that you quickly recompute and print with a few clicks on your PC.
That's an occasion for you to really use the power of your CPU.
The two programs can generate them as big as you want in black and white for printing on a laser printer at 600dpi in A4 landscape format.
Black lines are one pixel wide, whatever is the size.

Get now the two Programs. Unzip the file on your PC.
You can directly double click on the exec files.

The two programs have the same interface.
Text displayed is in french
The english translation of the text is as follows:

Binary decomposition of the solutions of equation z^3-1=0 when solved with Newton's method
This equation has three roots 1; exp(2*i*pi/3); exp(4*i*pi/3)
This program computes only the basin of attraction of root 2iPi/3
What size of poster in A4 landscape ?"
(1) 1x1
(2) 2x2
(3) 3x3
(n) nxn etc...

Computation of the attraction basins of the solutions of equation (Z-1)(Z²+Z+1/2)=0 when solved with Newton's method"
This equation has 3 roots 1,(-1-i)/2,(-1+i)/2"
What size of poster in A4 landscape ?"
(1) 1x1
(2) 2x2
(3) 3x3
(n) nxn etc...

Just enter 1, 2 or n for a n*n poster
Once the computation is finished, you will get n*n bmp files that you can print with paint shop pro of photoshop.
Print in landscape mode.
On each side, set a margin of exactly 7.614mm sides horizontally and 8mm vertically . You will then get exactly 600dpi on your printout.

Each image is 6656x4584 pixels wide.
29.7 - 6656/600*2.54 = 2 * 0.7614
21 - 4584/600*2.54 = 2 * 0.8

Cut with clean cutter very precisely along the edges.

Here they are.
Z3_minus_1 (frac.exe)

frachead (frachead.exe)

In situation :

  V1.0 -- January 2004
Send all your questions/remarks to
Please put VFF in the subject line.

 *** The End ***


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